Identified Issues, Workarounds and Solutions

This includes currently identified issues and their workarounds by Local Language Technical Help Center.
When typing words like ක්‍රමය, ශ්‍රමය these words can not type properly in Social Media Apps like Facebook.
Once, users type these kinds of words, words are displaying as ක්‍ රමය and ශ් රමය.


To avoid this problem when using Social Media Apps like Facebook with mobile devices, you can use Helakuru keyboard as a workaround

When typing Sinhala words in Social Media Apps like Facebook in a desktop machine using a web browser, how to easily type Sinhala Fonts?
You can use Google Input Tools to type Sinhala Fonts. To do this, add Google Input Tools as an extension to your web browser.
When using on-screen key board on Windows 10 for Sinhala letters typing, letter ඒ can not be typed. It is typed as එ.