Sinhala Unicode – Online Technical Training Sessions

You can find videos of Sinhala Unicode online technical training sessions , conducted by LLTHC, sponsored by LK Domain Registry.

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As cited in the objectives of LLTHC, conducting training programs is one of the primary tasks of the LLTHC. The Help Centre organizes training seminars under two-main categories: Technical and Basic Introduction to Sinhala Unicode. Basic Introduction to Sinhala Unicode covers Sinhala Wijesekera Keyboard, other input tools, and issues relating to Sinhala rendering and technical bugs. LLTHC carried out several Basic Introduction sessions over the last two years, organized by invitation by many organizations: the Department of Police, Bank of Ceylon, and All Ceylon Buddhist Congress. During the Covid-19 pandemic, LLTHC stopped doing these training sessions onsite physically. Instead, it switched to an online Webinar format.
Mr. Harsha Wijayawardhana began a Hardcore Technical Seminar series online covering several topics such as how to work with Database Management System with Sinhala Unicode, how to fix rendering issues, persistent storing of Sinhala data in text files other than Databases, Sorting, etc. He had conducted three webinar sessions over the last three months. During these sessions, Mr. Wijayawardhana has touched upon some of the bugs, rendering issues, and workarounds for those until service providers correct them. LLTHC liaises with relevant developers and manufacturers to rectify identified bugs in Sinhala Unicode. Before informing or liaising, LLTHC tests and documents those bugs or issues.
LLTHC has decided to conduct a minimum of two training sessions covering the above hardcore Technical and Basic- Introduction to Sinhala Unicode-Input, for a month for the rest of 2022.

Introduction to Sinhala and Tamil Unicode and Using Unicode in Fintech Applications
Detailed discussion on Unicode, UTF and How to handle Unicode in Database - PART 1
Detailed Discussion on Unicode, UTF and How to handle Unicode in Database (Contd...) - PART 2

Sinhala Unicode Online Technical Training Program
  • Multilingual Internet
  • Introduction to Internationalized Domain Names(IDN)
  • Email Address Internationalization(EAI)