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1) Input Methods

An input method is a tool in either an operating system or a software program that enables the user of a computing device to use the keyboard to type characters that are not represented on the keypad of that particular device. This method is frequently used for inputting characters from a language with a different alphabet and for enabling letters to be typed with a numerical keyboard.

2) Unicode Fonts

A Unicode font includes characters from the Universal Coded Character Set (UCS)—a comprehensive set of characters and glyphs from multiple languages—encoded in a way that ensures those characters appear the same across platforms and systems.

Examples for Sinhala Uniocde Fonts :

* Sinhala and Tamil Sri Lanka Standards (SLS)
* The Tamil ICT standard SLS 1326 : 2008

Developed under ICTA’s Local Languages Initiative in 2008

* Character Code Charts – The Unicode Consortium (
* Circulars, Unicode Standard
4) Non Unicode Fonts

Earlier non Unicode fonts used in printing and publishing work. To view the non Unicode fonts, click the below link.

5) ඉතැපැල්.ලංකා - User Manual